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It is a program created by the Office of Economic Development of Denver through the Global Innovation area with the goal to support the global expansion of startup businesses by a collaborative effort between leading global cities around the world.

The program is aiming to have a network of 10 cities covering the world. Some of the cities that already signed into the program are London and Paris, and soon, Tokyo and Soul.


Co-working spaces

Facilities for Startups to find the best working space in a new city por expansion or acceleration projects.  


Help getting to know accelerator programs from another city and guidance to apply.

Key Partners

The program will help Startups to meet key partners in the new city from the public and private sector, organizations, etc.

Soft landing

Startups will get aid to open new market in a new city/country/continent for new market expansion.


The key objective of this particular project will be to design a program to develop a bilateral network of innovation and entrepreneurial connectivity between Denver, Colorado, USA and Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.    

Why Denver - Guadalajara

Three hour direct flight


• Time zones
• Technology
• Creative
• Innovative
• Mountains
• Growth

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Denver has recently been fortunate to experience phenomenal growth and economic success. It consistently ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in the US and a best city to live, work, start a business, and grow a business.

Main Industries: IT-Software, Aerospace, Broadcasting, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Aviation, Beverage Production & Bioscience.

*The metropolitan area ranks as the 5th best economy in the country.


Guadalajara, as one of the largest econimies in Mexico, is favored by foreign investors for 3 main reasons: Human capital, Diverse economy and Accessibility. The city holds many international companies such as Toshiba, IBM, HP, Oracle, Cisco and Intel among others.

Main industries: High Tech, Services, Food & agriculture, Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship ecosystem.

*High tech exports represents 53% of total exports of Jalisco. 

Tim Martinez visits Guadalajara

( October 3rd-14th 2018 )


Tim Martinez gave a speech for ESMEX graduates at Festival Epicentro.


Tim & Efra magna talk to present Denver´s ecosystem and the city2city program to the entrepreneurial audience.

Secretary of Innovation

Meeting with Jalisco´s State Minister of Innovation, Mr. Jaime Reyes.

Ciudad Creativa D.

Getting to know Ciudad Creativa Digital, a project to make Guadalajara a Creative Industry Hub.


Talking with Cuco Vega from Jalisconnect and Roberto Aguilar from SICyT.


Visiting SparkUP, one of the important accelerators in town.

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